About Västra Lägern

Lake Västra Lägern is situated on the border between the regions of Jönköping and Östergötland. The municipalities involved are Aneby and Ydre. Lake Västra Lägern belongs to the water system of Svartån, which is a part of Motala ströms drainage basin.

The lake is very elliptical and narrow, 15 km long, and amazingly deep compared to its size. It is 38 metres on the deepest spot! There are several islands, a few with sandy beaches. In the north-west there is a very children friendly beach named Liden.

The water quality is very good and there are many bird species around the lake. At the eastern side, you find beautiful pasturelands with oaks, birches and hazels. The western side contains of more forest, and all around the lake it is a beautiful hilly landscape.

Since the lake is very diversified with deeps, shoals, islands and changing ground, it invites you to both exciting fishing and lovely outdoor life.