• You should bring your fishing license when fishing, and if you get controlled by a supervisor or a Västra Lägern land owner you should always be able to show it
  • The fishing license is personal
  • You are not allowed to fish closer than 50 metres from a jetty or a garden without special permission from the land owner
  • Fishing is only allowed with fishing rod, casting rod, fly-fishing rod, trolling-spoon or jig tools
  • When it comes to trolling, you are allowed to use two trolling rods per person with a maximum of four rods per boat
  • You are not allowed to fish close to fishing-nets or other fishing tools if they might be damaged by your activities
  • From September 16 to February 28 you are not allowed to catch salmon trout. During the period when salmon trout is allowed to be caught, the trout should be at least 40 centimetres (15,7 inches) long
  • Fish that is uninjured and that you don’t intend to eat should be returned into the lake
  • Jet-ski is not allowed in lake Västra Lägern

When you buy a fishing license you contribute to the care of Lake Västra Lägern and its fish inhabitants. How nice your stay on the lake will be depend on all of us. If we all behave carefully towards nature and people around us, a day on the lake can be amazing! Keep nature clean and please be careful with fire. Never make a fire on the rocks and be sure that your fire is extinguished before you leave. You know the familiar wisdom: Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

In Sweden we have a special privilege to enjoy nature, but with it follows some obligations. If you are uncertain of the rules, please read more about the Right to public access here!

Offenders of the rules of Västra Lägern will be prosecuted.

Enjoy your stay at Västra Lägern!